AMVETS Post 4250 opens in Newaygo

Local military veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces now have a new source for obtaining support and information on military veteran benefits. A new “AMVETS” (American Veterans) Post has been chartered in Newaygo thanks to the work of the local members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post, VFW Newaygo Post Commander Dan Boutell of Grant, and other State and local military veterans and their family members.

​Michigan House of Representatives Rep. Jon Bumstead, and Department of Michigan AMVETS Commander Bob Green joined the local 21 Charter Members on April 25th to officially open the Newaygo AMVETS Charter. The Newaygo AMVETS Charter was presented to the newly elected Newaygo AMVETS Post Commander Gene Kovach in the Charter Ceremony. The ceremony was held in VFW Memorial Hall immediately behind the existing VFW Post Building at 9075 Mason Drive just south of the City of Newaygo. To support the VFW finances the existing building will be converted to commercial use.

​Newaygo VFW promoted the chartering of a Newaygo AMVETS Post since AMVETS is themost inclusive organization of military support organizations, without some of the membership restrictions of other support groups. The restrictions of other groups were inherited from their original formation many years ago, some in World War II. For instance, a person who servedon active duty for years in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines may not be able to join VFW if technically a declared war did not exist at the time they served, but the same person is eligible for membership in AMVETS. AMVETS also accepts military veterans from the U.S.Reserves and National Guard units.

​As clearly stated in the AMVETS website: “For more than 60 years, we in AMVETS have taken to heart the credo of service set forth by our organization’s founding fathers. In so doing, we endeavor to provide our fellow veterans with the type of support they truly deserve.This outreach effort takes many forms, from the professional advice our service officers offer on earned veterans benefits, to our legislative efforts on Capitol Hill. “In one recent year alone,AMVETS national service officers processed more than 24,000 claims that resulted inveterans receiving some $400 million in compensation. This commitment to service traces its roots back to 1948, when our NSOs first began helping veterans of World War II to obtain the benefits promised them by the federal government.

​The local AMVETS members will now join more than 450 local veterans in Newaygo VFWPost, and more than 350 members of the Mens’ and Woman’s Auxiliary in support of U.S.Military veterans in the Newaygo area. To apply for membership in AMVETS Post 4250 visit the new Post at 9075 Mason Dr, Newaygo or call 231-652-6159 for more information.

As of Aug. 29, 2014 AMVETS Post 4250 is now at 45 Gene Furgason Lane.

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