Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

Needs 8 Rock King Wheelchairs

Click on the image for wheelchair details.

Veterans serving some of our most vulnerable veterans.

We at AMVETS Post 4250 and VFW Post 4249 share, with you a commitment to our Military and its Veterans in need. The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans has let us know that they have a special need for their cognitive impaired members that find comfort and relaxation in this type of specialty chair. Wheelchairs with the ability to recline and rock are available and the Home is currently using them, showing great outcomes for these members.These specially designed wheelchairs would make it possible for these men and women who are not ambulatory and are suffering from various physical and cognitive disabilities to have a better quality of life and to be better cared for.

These specially designed rocking wheelchairs are available for approximately $2000 each. The GRHV are in need of 8 of these chairs for immediate care and more for extended care.

We therefore designed The Rocking Wheelchair Challenge These wheelchairs not only are a great asset to the disabled, but also to their caregivers,

All donations will be applied to the Rocking Wheelchair Challenge account. We would like to be able to purchase all of the rocking wheelchairs and accessories that theey need. Click here to view a description of the Rocking Wheelchairs that we will be purchasing.We will need at least $25,000 to meet this goal.

We look to those concerned about our Vets to help us meet this goal.

God Bless our Military and all our Veterans.

Please send checks or money orders to:

AMVETS Post 4250
45 Gene Furgason Ln.
Newaygo, MI 49337
Memo: Wheelchair


Go directly to our GoFundMe page.